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Prison Ministry

We are planting churches in prisons. When free people are too occupied with their “bull and bear, food and wear” the Lord urges us to go to gather all those who have no value in the eyes of man to fill His table that been prepared for a feast.

Yes, prisoners have time to think over their values and priorities, and we found that turning point to be the right time to present the Savior Lord Jesus. Many are reached and many are willing to start a new life with Jesus.

In November 2000 we met our first prisoner, Isaac from Liberia. He was released 15th of July 2003 and after lot of prayer, e-mails and telephone calls he wasn’t sent back to Liberia and to war.


He used all his time in the prison to do Bible courses and dreamed to be a pastor. Our second prisoner Francisco was baptized on the 26th of December 2002 together with other prisoner. Francisco was an analphabetic and had used drugs most of his life. When he came out, he had accomplished nine classes of school and a computer course. He was given mercy by the president and his expulsion was taken away.

He was given special tasks in the prison for his good behavior. Both of these man are living testimonies what Christ had done in their lives.

There were coming more and more people in each prison we visited.
By June 2006 we have visited more than 700 prisoners and over 200 of them have received Jesus as their savior. We had the privilege to baptize 29 prisoners and 1 ex-prisoner and 2 family members. There are several new candidates to be baptized.

It was not always easy, but the Lord opened the doors and in reality we have churches in several prisons We celebrate the service the same way that any other church does and break bread, have fellowship and counseling. We are in great extension having contact with ex. prisoners and families of the prisoners.

The next step

Many of the prisoners need support during their leave and most of all when they get out of prison. Our dream is to have a place where they can stay the first two or three months while they find a job and a place to live.

Lately the most urgent matter has been to help prisoners’ families. Often both of the parents are taken to prison and their children are left alone to take care of themselves. That results in unpaid rent, unpaid electricity bills and often not enough to eat.

In many cases the threat of being put on the street looms large. We are constantly confronting desperate mothers in the Prison. We pray that the Lord opens doors to help these people.

We are having home groups and several members of the prisoner’s families have received Jesus and some have been baptized.

What can you do?

There are many things you can do if you think that this work is valuable and something you would like to be involved with.

• You can pray.
• You can “adopt” a prisoner to supply anything from toilet paper to shampoo at least once a month. Telephone cards are also needed.
• You can write a letter to a prisoner.
• You can give clothes, shoes, frames for glasses. These are not just for the prisoners but also for us, as this will help us save money for other things.
• You can share your good ideas with us on how to raise funds.
• You can share about our ministry to your family and friends.
• You can pass on any contacts that can help us.

Fernando and Maija da Cunha
E-mail livets.vag@spray.se

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